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iPod Shuffle Fic Challenge (snatched from [personal profile] leigh_adams)

1. Pick your favorite fandom [Harry Potter]
2. Put your iPod on shuffle. [Winamp in my case]
3. Write a drabble for the first ten twenty songs.
4. You can only write for the duration of the song.

(( Note: I was organizing some files and found that I had started this meme but hadn't finished it. I like most of those first eight drabbles I wrote I don't know how long ago. Tonight I decided to finish it. I thought they were supossed to be 20 songs and not 10, but whatever... I'm doing this to get back into writing. I'm having trouble putting words together and using my imagination. It's been a while and getting back on the horse is harder than I thought. Hope some are not too terrible. None is betaed! ))

Title: December Baby
Pairing: Bill Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks, implied Charlie Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: PG-13
Prompt (Song): “December Baby” by Ingrid Michaelson
Word Count: 147

Tonks' eyes looked intently into Bill's, searching for a reassurance she couldn't find. His guilt didn't let him. Averted eyes focused on the rattled sheets around his naked body.

"Why do we do this then?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you can't even look at me after doing what we did, then I don't see the point in continuing this mess of lies and secrecy."


"Let me be selfish, Bill. I love Charlie, but I also cannot be without you."

"The same happens to me. That is why I'm here. I just..."

"I know," she nodded, engrossing in the silence he created. Both stared at their feet at the end of the bed, right next to the others' as they think of the boy they love but lie to. Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease, isn't it?

Title: It’s Wanted, It’s Killed
Pairing: Hugo Weasley/Lily Luna Potter
Rating: PG
Prompt (Song): “Se Quiere, Se Mata” by Shakira
Word Count: 135

Big eyes stare frantically back into mine, searching for an answer I don't have. Her hands clutch at her now flat belly. Her fingertips dig into her shirt with such strength that he's sure there will be red marks on her skin afterwards.

"What are we going to do?" she whispers in desperation.

He looks back at her helplessly. If only he knew. He was young, unsure, scared. So many questions bothered his mind since she stepped into his parents' house.

"My parents can't find out," she says shaking her head, making the tears spill from her eyes.

"Are you going to end it?"

"I have to, Hugo. I---" A sob cuts her words, making her choke as her fists tightened around her stomach.

"Don't worry, Lily. It'll be alright."

Title: Cold
Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Daphne Greengrass
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Cold” by Taylor Swift
Word Count: 142

Your hand traces the outlines of my hard jawline in the darkness of the night, softening my hard gestures, making me lower my guard. Why is it that I cannot be myself when I'm with you? Or is it the other way around?

Your full lips are posed on the crease of my frown making it disappear. Is the mask for the world unveiled under your touch?

Your smile is contagious and makes the corners of my lips twitched upwards. Thats' the best you can get. Even after all this time. Will it be the only thing you'll be able to get?

"Don't be so cold, Blaise. Open up your heart. No one will see it but me. I promise. It's safe. I won't let it get harmed."

And I do. Open my cold heart to Daphne.

Title: Since You’ve Been Gone
Characters: Lavender Brown & Parvati Patil
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson
Word Count: 80

"Lav, are you alright?" Parvati asked timidly from the doorway.

"Yes," she said with one last sniff. Her ring finger dried the tear running down her cheek. Quickly, she ran to the mirror retouching her ruined make-up. "His loss. I won't cry for Ronald Weasley anymore."

"You're better off without him."

Her eyes focused on the mascara in her hands. "Yeah... maybe," she finished in a whisper almost inaudible for her own ears, even less for her friend.

Title: Hotel Song
Pairing: Rolf Scamander/Luna Lovegood
Rating: PG-13
Prompt (Song): “Hotel Song” by Regina Spektor
Word Count: 100

"Come in, I'll show you," Luna said offering a hand to Rolf.

"Luna, I don't—"

"Shh. Trust me," Luna whispered, pressing a finger against his parted lips. The touch lingered more than it should and her wide blue eyes lowered to his mouth.

"Fine. I'll trust you. You're my friend after all and that's what friends do."

Luna smiled knowingly. Her face expressing a secret Rolf was completely unaware of. "You would never be my dear friend, Rolf."


She shook her head and leaned forward, catching his lips in a chaste –yet promising- kiss.

Title: Changes
Pairing: Angelina Johnson & Katie Bell
Rating: PG
Prompt (Song): “Changes” by David Bowie
Word Count: 102

"You've changed," Angelina observed out loud after having studied her friend Katie for a long time.

Katie snorted. "War tends to have that effect on people."

"Nah... that's not it."

"Then what is it?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow and placing a hand on her hip.

"The big city?" Angelina shrugged, clearly simply joking at Katie's impromptu trip to New York.

"If you say so..."

"I know you, Katie. I'll figure it out at some point, you know?"

"Alright. Let me know when you do."

"I will," Angelina finished, focusing on the new wiggle of her bum again.

Title: Where You Lead
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Where You Lead” by Carole King (Gilmore Girls Theme Song)
Word Count: 131

On and off. On and off. On and off.

The deluminator clicked under the constant switching provoked by Ron's insisting thumb. His long foot wiggled restlessly as his long legs rested on the headboard of the bed. Looking at the dark ceiling, he wondered once again why Dumbledore had trusted him with this thing. It wasn't helping. He had failed his friends. Harry and Hermione were alone, hiding, and he will never be able to find them again.

That is, until the soft breeze called out his name. Ron.

"Hermione?" he whispered back.

Suddenly, a small ball of light came out of the deluminator and went outside. "Wait! Where y'goin'?" he asked desperately at the flying light, snatching his coat and dashing out of Shell Cottage.

Title: I Was Hoping
Pairing: Bill Weasley/Audrey “Weasley”, implied Bill/Fleur & Percy/Audrey
Rating: PG
Prompt (Song): “I Was Hoping” by Alanis Morissette
Word Count: 181

Audrey lighted a cigarette and offered it to Bill. He shook his head silently and stared at the dark sky, bathed in shining stars.

"You quit?"

He sighed. "It's a disgusting habit."

"Funny how you didn't think so last week," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Fleur hates it."


Silence reigned between them one more time. She constantly looked at him from the corner of her eye, searching for a way to make him be interested in her at all.

"I tried raw meat."

"Did you?"

Audrey nodded. "Percy hated it but I wanted to give it a try. You said it wasn't that bad and since Fleur could get used to it, I thought—"

"She's my wife. She'd do anything for me."

"It doesn't show."

"Every marriage has a rough time. We'll get through this. You'll understand what I mean when you and Percy are together for a longer time."

"Me and Percy.." So, no chance of a Bill and Audrey, huh? She sighed in resignation. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride...

Title: When I Grow Up
Characters: Pansy Parkinson & Tracey Davis
Rating: PG
Prompt (Song): “When I Grow Up” by The Pussycat Dolls
Word Count: 183

"Why are you doing this?" Tracey asked in disgust, eyeing the posters on the wall as if they were covered with Troll's saliva.

"I want this," Pansy said curtly, trying to not roll her eyes at the question she had been asked more times than she could count.

"Yes, but there must be other ways to get noticed, Pansy. Letting Muggles do this to your body..." She shuddered dramatically.

"If you're not going to be supportive you might as well just leave. No one forced you to come," Pansy said uninterested with a shrug as she sat on the Muggle Healer's chair.

"You forced me to come!" Tracey said indignantly.

Pansy dismissed her comment with a small wave of her hand, going through the book of "Before and Afters" the secretary gave her. "See?" she said, pointing to a particular muggle photograph of big round breasts. "When I have boobs like these, I'll be famous. Magazines will beg me to be on their covers."

"Whatever. Still, there must be another way to get bigger breasts than this."

Title: Something ‘Bout A Woman
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
Rating: PG-13
Prompt (Song): “Something ‘Bout A Woman” by Lady Antebellum
Word Count: 143

Ron woke up, blindingly searching for Hermione and her warmth. When the coldness of the wrinkled sheets was all he found, he opened his eyes.

"'Mione?" he mumbled sleepily.

Little did he know he would be breathless in a few seconds, when Hermione appeared at the door smiling and holding a coffee mug with just his t-shirt on, messy bed-hair and no makeup at all.

"Good morning," she said timidly, hiding her grin behind the cup in her hands. His face must have been priceless, but so was the sight in front of him. "It's very early. I thought you were going to sleep a little longer," Hermione said, scratching her right calf with her left foot, bringing more attention to her smooth legs.

Ron growled deeply, feeling his body respond at her beauty. "Get back to bed. Now," he ordered huskily.

Title: Don’t Love Me
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: PG-13
Prompt (Song): “No Me Ames” by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Word Count: 115

"You don't want this. Escape while you can," he whispered against urgent lips that kept pressing against his own, insisting, as hands pulled tightly at his too long hair.

"You need a haircut."

"Don't change the subject," Remus grunted, unable to refrain his hands from travelling over her fit body.

"Please, Remus," Tonks moaned, pushing her chest against him, encouraging the soft touch of his rough hands. "I love you," she said breathlessly.

"Don't—Don't love me."

She kissed him more forcefully. "You know I can't."

"Don't love me," he kept repeating as he showed Tonks how much he loved her and the night turned into the cold Christmas morning.

Title: Love Of My Life
Pairing: Dean Thomas/Parvati Patil
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Love Of My Life (Live)” by Queen
Word Count: 138

So this is how it feels. Your heart completely shatters and it's suddenly impossible for you to take another breath or even think the words 'everything will be alright'. All hope and happiness just drains from your body and when you think of the future, only darkness appears in your mind. When the love of your life takes your heart, the one you gave so willingly blinded by the fake joy of the moment, and breaks it into pieces with her bare hands. I take another sharp breath but the air didn't seem to be reaching my lungs.

"Breathe, Dean. Please. I'm so sorry," Parvati says desperately, kneeling at my side, looking like she cared. The nerve!

"Leave. Just. Leave," I whisper trying to swallow the painful lump in my throat.

Title: Express Yourself
Characters: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley &Lily Luna Potter, Rose Weasley, Dominique Weasley, Lucy Weasley
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Express Yourself” by Madonna
Word Count: 153

"C'mon girls, do you believe in love? Cause I've got something to say about it. And it goes something like this!" Lily screamed at the top of her lungs in sync to the song that busted out of the music player her Auntie Hermione had given her for Christmas.

Rose, Dominique and Lucy cheered and quickly joined her over the couch, singing along to Madonna's song.

Ginny tried to repress her laughter as she watched the scene and ran to retrieve her camera to snap pictures at the little girls giving a private show in her living room.

"Is that normal?" Harry asked at her side, scratching his head and looking curiously at the girls flying her hair around and taking turns in wearing the sparkly jacket with Madonna's face on.

Ginny chuckled. "Of course, Harry. Just let them... express themselves," she said cheekily with a wink.

Title: Put Your Records On
Character: Rose Weasley
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae
Word Count: 112

Rose took a deep breath and took one last look at the mirror.

"All right. Relax, Rose. You'll do great. You'll learn lots. People will like you." She groaned. "Well, not if I keep talking to myself they won't." She made a face as she stared at her reflection.

With a sigh, she grabbed the hair tie and let her hair down. If she was going to start a new life where nobody knew who she was, she might as well show her true colours from the beginning. Preparing herself for the best and the worst, Rose grabbed her bag and left for her first class at Cambridge University.

Title: She Loves You
Pairing: Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley & Albus Severus Potter/OC(Bailey Potter)
Rating: PG
Prompt (Song): “She Loves You” by The Beatles
Word Count: 283

Scorpius watched at Rose longingly as she got up from their table and followed Bailey to the bathroom. When the bride demands assistance with her dress every time she has to pee, it is the maid of honour's job to do so. Or at least that's what Rose had told him quite grumpily. She did like Bailey and was thrilled she was marrying Albus, but the woman already went to the toilet five times in the last two hours, interrupting every single conversation he tried having with her.

When she came back, he was going to ask her to dance and if Bailey dared to interrupt them when she was finally in his arms...

"She loves you," Albus said at his side, interrupting his silent threats.

"Pardon?" he muttered as his grey eyes followed Rosie's retrieving figure. He watched her ginger curls bounce down her back and her perfectly round bum swing enticingly under the tight pink dress that looked amazing on her.

"Rose. You know, my cousin, the girl you've been head over heels since we were twelve, the one that hit you when you got a better grade at Transfiguration than her, the—"

"Alright! I get it! What about her?" Scorpius said, feeling his cheeks blush in embarrassment. His crush hadn't been very inconspicuous... at least to everyone but her.

"She loves you. She told me," Albus said smirking his know-it-all smile.


"Yeah, I don't understand it either. But she said she loves you and you know that can't be bad. So... get some balls, mate," he finished, slapping Scorpius hard on the back before leaving to talk to other guests.

Title: Hey Little Rich Girl
Pairing: Ted Tonks/Andromeda Black
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Hey Little Rich Girl” by Amy Winehouse
Word Count: 141

"Andy," Ted whispered, shocked at the sight in front of him. When someone knocked on his door, he would have never imagined Andromeda would be standing there. Her black, expensive heels slid awkwardly on the snow as she clutched tightly on a suitcase and the big fur coat around her shoulders.

"I ran out of my house," she said weakly, her lower lip trembling as her eyes filled with tears.

Ted was instantly taken out of his shock and pulled her inside, quickly taking her things and pushing her towards the fireplace, holding her close to him as she warmed up.

"My parents found out about us," Andromeda whispered and a single tear slid down her soft cheek.

"Everything will be alright, love," he said softly, brushing the tear away with his thumb and pressing her more tightly into his chest.

Title: A Whole New World
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Astoria Greengrass
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Un Mundo Ideal” (Spanish version of “A Whole New World”) - Aladdin Soundtrack
Word Count: 200

She laid her head against his shoulder, trying to get as much warmth from his embrace as she could while they sat in the big garden of the Malfoy Manor. Astoria kept playing with the sparkling diamond in her finger which reflected the moonlight every now and then. She couldn't believe Draco finally proposed. They had been dating for four years and, despite their families constant nagging, he hadn't asked the question.

"I had done many things for others in my life, doing them when they thought I should, never respecting my own wishes. With this... I want to handle the course of my life from now on and we will marry but when we feel it's right, not our families," he had said. After hearing words like those, what girl wouldn't get weak at the knees? Her Draco have always had a way with words and she loved him for that.

They've been in silence for a while now until she suddenly asked, "Will you show me the world, Draco?"

He stroked her bare arm as he pressed her harder against him. "Of course. We'll see it together. All of it."

Title: Take It All
Pairing: Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter
Rating: G
Prompt (Song): “Take It All” by Adele
Word Count: 79

I gave you everything but it wasn't enough. It clearly wasn't, because if not, I wouldn't be in this bed, alone, surrounded by cold sheets that barely smell like you anymore.

"It's not you, Scorpius," Albus had said; but it was. I know it was me. It's always me, the stupid fool who gives everything and lets his heart exposed for others to smash at their will.

So here I am again. Alone. Broken.

Title: Human Nature
Characters: Rita Skeeter & OC (Olivia)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt (Song): “Human Nature” by Madonna
Word Count: 63

"Are you sure you want to do this, Miss Skeeter?"

Rita glared at her assistant and if looks could kill... "Are you criticising my work, Olivia?"

"N-no, madam. I j-just think Mrs Hermione Weasley wouldn't—"

"If you knew the things that little bitch with terrible hair did to me! Believe me, Olivia. I won't be sorry. Send it to be printed."

Title: I Do
Pairing: Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley
Rating: PG
Prompt (Song): “I Do” by Colbie Caillat
Word Count: 184

I smiled as Teddy span little Lily around the dance floor. She looked so cute in her purple dress and Teddy looked more handsome than ever in his suit. He looked so grown-up, confident and... happy.

My mind drifted off and imagined what my wedding day would be like. I could imagine my white gown, walking down the aisle entranced by his dazzling smile and saying “I Do” to the rest of my life with him.

I sighed dreamily but soon freezed. My eyes widened as I realised what I was thinking. What- When- How could he make me, selfish little French snob Victoire Weasley, enemy number one of commitment, want to get married? What other powers did this Metamorphmagus wizard had to make me want to have a family with him and spend the rest of my life in his arms?

I bit my lip tightly. I didn't know how he did it, but I suddenly couldn't wait for him to ask the question that had practically been my recurring nightmare since I was nine years old.


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