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Title: What Real Love Is About
Pairing: Harry Potter/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: PG
Prompt: “All a girl wants is someone to wake her up at three a.m. to tell her he loves her? Wake me up at three a.m., and you will die.”
Word Count: 922
Beta: Not Betaed
Warnings: None.
Summary: Harry convinces Pansy to have coffee with his girl friends.
A/N: Originally written for leigh_adams for The Summer 2012 Wishlist Event on rarepair_shorts.

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The door was shut unceremoniously, the heels stomped with purpose down the hallway and little, muffled screams of frustration escaped her perfectly painted lips. Yep, it didn't go well. Harry should have known it wouldn't go well. Okay, actually, he knew it was not going to go well. However, that didn't mean he couldn't at least hope for the best, right?

He sighed, put his book down and waited patiently for the parade of curses to stop before going to the living-room, where his fiance sat, elegant as always. Irate Pansy was never the easiest to handle but definitely one of the most arousing. She chew hardly on her lower lip, her arms were crossed over her chest and her shoulders were incredibly tense. Harry suppressed a chuckle as her right leg, crossed over the left one, kept moving up and down. For someone as correct and proper as Pansy, she could definitely act like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum when she was upset.

"Are you going to keep staring from the doorway until you can pierce a hole through my head with your eyes, Potter?" she snapped, staring daggers at the wall opposite from where she sat.

Harry smiled, careful not to let her see he was actually finding the whole situation hilarious. After all, he liked his balls attached to his body, thank you.

"Did you have a good time with the girls?"

Oh, if looks could kill...

"I'll take that as a no, then," he mumbled, sitting beside her on the couch. "Were they mean to you?"

Harry had talked to Hermione and Ginny, asking them to try their best and be nice to Pansy. He was getting married to this woman and he wanted her to get along with his best friends, so when Hermione suggested Pansy joined them for their monthly meeting with Hannah, Luna and Lavender, and Harry hesitated to give her an answer... well, let's just say Hermione got herself a new project. It had been the challenge of the year to convince Pansy to go but, after compromising the meeting to consist only of a quick coffee, which meant an hour-long at most, she agreed.

A not very feminine snort escaped Pansy's lips. "No, they weren't mean. What does that even mean? No one can be mean to me. And even if they were, I wouldn't give a rat's arse--"

"Okay. All right! Sorry." Harry's hands lifted in surrender. "Hermione promised you were gonna have a good time," he muttered mostly to himself as he leaned his back against the couch, already exhausted from all the girl drama. If he could be at peace with Ginny dating Malfoy, then they could have at least made an effort to get to know Pansy...

"Who? Miss 'I would like a Mocha Latte, please'?" Harry had to recognize her impersonation of Hermione was spot on... "What kind of drink is that?! Oh, for Salazar's sake! And that 'Some-Colour' Brown--"


"--counting all the calories of what everyone was having? A Cruciatus Curse has got to be way less painful than that!" Pansy lost it. She was now screaming and pacing in front of him as her arms emphasized every word she was saying.

"I thought every girl did--"

"Oh... Oh, you have to hear this," Pansy said with a humourless laugh. "Apparently, what we have," she exclaimed in indignation, pointing at the two of them repeatedly, "is not real love. Nu-uh. No, sir."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked with a frown, wondering if he did just make a mistake by asking.

"Well, it just so happens that your stupidly romantic friend Longbottom woke up that Hufflepuff girl..."


"Yes. Hannah Abbott. He woke her up in the middle of the night," she paused for impact, "to tell her he loves her!" Pansy's eyes were wide as saucers. She looked crazy and really, really close to start pulling out her hair. "And then, of course, Violet Brown--"


"Whatever. She started moping around about how she wished 'her Seamus' would do that. So, when I said that was pathetic, she looked horrified. Because Harry, apparently, all a girl wants is someone to wake her up at three a.m. to tell her he loves her." She stopped her pacing and displayed her hands, inviting him to see how unbelievable the whole thing was.

Harry didn't know what to do or say, so he chose to stay in silence as Pansy resumed her pacing and huffing. Like he supposed, the rant hadn't finished. "Let me tell you one thing, mister: wake me up at three a.m., and you will die. A slow and painful death," she threatened, leaning over him with a look that screamed murder.

A wide smile grew on his face and he couldn't help himself but slide his arms around her and pull her to him. She yelped in surprise, letting herself be brought down to the couch where Harry crawled on top of her and started kissing her deeply.

"Let's we decide if what we have is real love or not, shall we? Because it feels pretty real to me," he whispered against her lips as they tried to recover their breaths.

"Yeah, try to explain that to Lilac Brown," she said, rolling her eyes.

Harry couldn't help but laugh and bring their lips together once more, not bothering to correct Pansy again.

"And please warn that poor Seamus guy. She must be mentally unstable!" Pansy said before joining Harry's loud laugh.


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