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Title: The Smell of Poverty
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Narcissa Malfoy
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 496
Beta: Not Betaed
Warnings: Infidelity? But just for a quick snog ;) Age disparity.
Summary: Narcissa discovers the powers of cotton candy (haha!)
A/N: Originally written for hp_humpdrabbles.

AND 64. Smell on 100_women

AND 93. Cotton Candy on 100_colours

Her feet hurt. Maybe she should go back inside. However, the mere thought of returning to a stadium full of screaming Quidditch fans, made the pain not seem so bad. Narcissa leaned back against a tree, hiding under its shadow, away from the prying eyes of the workers of the food stands. She was careful not to ruin her new dress robes, but the charm to avoid her heels burying into the grass kept wearing off. This Quidditch World Cup couldn’t be over fast enough.

A man came out of the stadium, bought a cotton candy and came closer to where she was standing, lighting a cigarette on the way. He didn’t seem to have noticed her, which gave her some time to study him. Narcissa had seen him before among all the other gingers. A Weasley. She had heard about that family far more than she would have ever imagined these past few years --what with her husband and son badmouthing every single aspect of their pathetic, insignificant life...

“What’s the score?” she asked softly, clearly startling him. The Weasley had dropped his cigarette and pointed at her with his cotton candy as if it were a wand. She tried hard not to laugh at how silly and pathetic he looked. “I doubt you could hurt anyone with that thing.”

“You would be surprised,” he teased, leaning down and grabbing his cigarette. “These things are freakingly sticky. You’d be unable to move, covered in sugar, at my complete disposal.”

Before she could help herself, Narcissa chuckled and said, “I’d like to see that”.

He laughed. “I’m Charlie.”

Charlie Weasley walked up to her with a bemused smile and an outstretched hand, but he stopped in his tracks when he could finally see her face clearly. His eyes widened for a second, before returning to normal; his crooked grin back in his face.

“Taste it. See for yourself I’m not lying.”

The cotton candy was so close to her face, her nose wrinkled at its smell. “Smells like poverty,” she sneered.

Charlie quirked an eyebrow, lowered the cotton candy and came incredibly close. He towered over her and Narcissa almost forgot about her clothes getting stained by the tree --almost.

“Do I smell of poverty?” Charlie practically demanded; his voice so low it gave her chills down her spine.

Her breathing quickened, out of fear or adrenaline, she’ll never know, because a second later she had Charlie’s tongue caressing hers forcefully, his teeth biting on her thin lips and his strong hands gripping her waist.

“You stink from that cigarette,” she murmured when Charlie pulled away.

He cracked another one of his smiles and backed away. His eyes bore into her as he walked backwards back to the stadium. “The score is 120 to 160 for Ireland, Mrs. Malfoy.”

Narcissa stayed there in silence for a long time, infuriated.

Charlie Weasley had stained her dress with the cheapest of cotton candies.

Title: Ron Loves Muggle Fashion
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Lavender Brown
Rating: PG-13
Prompts: Leather trousers and Lavender Brown
Word Count: 500
Beta: Not betaed
Warnings: Gropping. Snogging. Set during HBP.
Summary: Lavender has a sudden love for muggle fashion and Ron definitely approves!
A/N: Originally written for hp_humpdrabbles.

AND 22. Hands on 100_women

AND 11. Lavender on 100_colours

It had only been forty three days and eighteen hours, but who was counting? Definitely not Ron. At least not right this moment as he tried to control the party inside his pants that wanted to celebrate Lavender’s perfectly round arse and her sudden love for muggle fashion.

They haven’t been dating for too long, according to the calendar she gave him the morning after their dramatic, sloppy kissing in front of the whole common room. Was a month and a half long enough to go to third base?

A couple of weeks ago, Lavender let him touch her magnificent, plump breasts. Over the shirt -mind you-, but it was bloody amazing. They were so big that, for the first time in his life, Ron was thankful for his large hands so he could massage every last bit of them.

Today, though, no wanking session in the shower would be enough. Lavender was wearing the most magnificent trousers that ever existed.

“W-Wh-What are th-those?” he said nervously, pointing at her shaped legs.

“Leather trousers, silly! Witch Weekly said they were the latest muggle trend. So I thought-- Wait, why? Don’t you like them, Won-Won?” she asked with the most exaggerated pout he had seen since Ginny was four years old.

“N-No, they’re... ermm... Blimey, they are great,” Ron muttered, trying to control his thoughts. There was no way he was getting a stiffy in the middle of the common room. Harry would never let him forget about it. And what if Hermione saw him? What if Ginny told the twins? No, he would rather think of Auntie Muriel’s bleached mustache than go through any of that.

“Don’t they make my bum look fantastic?” Lavender exclaimed happily. She turned to the side and sticked her arse out to him.

“Bloody hell...” he breathed and quickly grabbed her hand, running out the common room and down a few halls until he reached one completely empty.

Lavender had been giggling and musing “Won-Won” each step of the way, but Ron soon silenced her as he pressed her against the wall and crashed their lips together. His tongue immediately sought for hers, clashing their teeth together. His hands desperately went from her waist up to her wonderful breasts, squeezing them for a brief moment before going to his main goal.

It was fucking fantastic. A thousand and one times better than he had imagined. The material was smooth and felt nice under his hands. The curve of Lavender’s bum seemed to go on forever and it crossed Ron’s mind to do an Engorgement charm on his hands just so he could pinch her amazing arse cheeks.

“Oh, Won-Won,” Lavender sighed against his lips, making him groan and press his hips against her.

He would worry later about how she surely felt his boner against her leg, or how he probably missed a relationship rule about not touching bottoms before dating for two months. For now, he was happy worshipping muggles and their crazy fashion.

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